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What is the One Thing every Strong Woman Does?

You are stronger than you think you are. You have managed many twists and turns in life, raised children, supported a spouse, cared for a loved one, maintained friendships, juggled a career and family, and still somehow found time to volunteer.

You have celebrated many victories, but also suffered from tremendous loss.

You have supported friends, children, and coworkers as they set their goals and achieved them. You provided motivation when they were ready to give up; you brought a smile to their face when they were on the verge of tears; and you celebrated with them when they met success.

You have experienced many ups and downs and you always picked yourself up when you fell and kept on going.

As the years pass and we are confronted with new challenges, we make mistakes, we fail, but we emerge stronger, more confident, and more self-reliant. We struggle, we fight, and we find our way around any obstacle.

Yes, you are strong! You have conquered fears, given your all, and willingly gave your whole heart to someone, knowing it could easily be broken.

Years of opportunities, challenges, experiences, and failures have helped to form your tremendous and powerful spirit. Yet those same years have not been so kind to your body.

Not too long ago, you were playing on the floor with your kids; now you do all you can to avoid getting on the floor. You used to be able to run up and down the stairs with loads of laundry, now the stairs hurt your knees. And though you enjoy your gardens, you are sore for days after putting the flowers in or digging up those persistent weeds.

Just as the continual challenges of life have helped you become stronger emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, your body needs to be continually challenged to stay strong physically.

Most of what life throws at us comes randomly or occurs from something that is completely out of our control. A loved one's illness or a company's downsizing are events we are unable to control, yet we find the strength to continue, to move forward, and to make the best of a tough situation.

Our physical strength, however, is something we can control. If you have ever "thrown out" your back while sneezing (yes, I have heard this one), hurt your shoulder lifting groceries out of your trunk, or needed to use your arms to push yourself out of a chair, you are experiencing a decline in physical strength. Sure, you can brush it off as a "normal part of aging", but it is not.

Yes, our bodies break down from the wear and tear we have subjected it to throughout the years, but simple acceptance does not fix it. Do you just accept that you are jobless when a company down-sizes, or do you begin researching companies and submitting resumes? Do you accept a loved one's illness and figure there is nothing you can do, or do you support, love, and assist that person?

Your body is not the same as it was 20 years ago, but neither are your experiences or your circumstances. Certainly some things may seem the same, but life changes and so do you.

I am sure you have seen a beautiful home fall to shambles from years of neglect. That home did not just magically stay the same over the decades. The paint peeled, the wood rotted, and the hinges rusted. You know it could still be a beautiful home if someone just had taken care of it. That home is your body.

You have fought back on many things and have come out stronger. Now it is time to fight for yourself. Stop giving in; stop refusing to believe that you can do better; and stop keeping yourself down.

Exercise is the ONLY way you will get physically stronger. You will not get stronger thinking about it; you will not get stronger swiping through your social media accounts; and you will not get stronger by engaging in random weekend projects around your house.

You will get stronger by loading your muscles. You will get stronger by progressing. You will get stronger by finally sticking with an exercise program that is safe and efficient.

No, it will not be easy. You will get sore. You will have to give up some screen time or some other "busyness" that occupies your time. You might even have to exercise when you don't feel like it!

You can do it. You can make the changes, you have made plenty in your life. You can get past the soreness, you have been hurt before and you know the pain subsides. You can tap into that inner energy to get through a workout even when you don't really feel like it. You have found that inner strength before, it's still there.

Sure it will take some work - most good things in life do. But it will definitely be worth it. You will be able to play on the floor with your grandchild without worrying about your knees. You can walk a dog on the trails without twisting your ankle. You will say "Yes" to that mountain hike, bike ride, or kayaking trip with your kids and you won't spend 3 days in bed afterwards.

Daily tasks won't exhaust you. Your posture will improve. You will maintain or increase bone density. You will increase your resting metabolism. You will have more energy. You will slow the effects of aging. You will improve your balance and coordination. Your mood will improve. You will sleep better.

Maybe none of these things are important to you. That is your choice. Maybe you are happy sitting on the sidelines telling everyone how "I could do that 30 years ago". Just don't forget to cheer for the rest of us!

But maybe you are like me, and many women I know, who prefer to be the participants in life.

If you want to continue to live an energized, productive, fun and fulfilling life what are you doing to keep your body healthy enough to live that life? Sitting there thinking that you "should" start exercising just doesn't cut it.

So, what is the one thing every strong woman does? She takes action. She doesn't sit around thinking about it, she doesn't say "I should", she doesn't make excuses. She takes action.

When something needs fixed, she fixes it.

When someone needs helps, she helps.

When she gets knocked down, she gets back up, brushes herself off, and moves forward.

She does her best to stay strong.

It's not always easy, but it's worth it. Find Your Strong!

Thank you for reading! I hope I have inspired you to "Find Your Strong".

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