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Take care of the TaTas

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Pink is everywhere! Even football players sport pink shoes during the month of October.

So, maybe you are like me and just love the color pink and enjoy the pink shoes, pink bats, pink jerseys and anything else that gets transformed by the color pink this month.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the color pink is a reminder of the importance of taking care of ourselves, taking care of our breasts, and getting screened.

Have you had your mammogram this year? I haven't yet, but this month marks a year since my last one, so I will get it scheduled. Some sources recommend a mammogram every 2 years for healthy women, others suggest every year. My doctor prefers yearly, so that's what I do.

Of course, mammograms can help with early detection, but so can self exams. When was the last time you checked your breasts for lumps? Being proactive and learning what to look for can help detect symptoms early. Not sure what you should be paying attention to? Check out this guide from the National Breast Cancer Foundation for more information.

I know many women who have been affected by breast cancer. Some found it early, some did not. Some required brief treatment, other required a mastectomy. For all, the diagnosis and dealing with breast cancer was life changing.

Below is a copy of an article from the CDC Public Health Library: https://tools.cdc.gov/medialibrary/index.aspx#/media/id/129614

This is a simple article that offers some good information to raise your awareness about breast cancer.

Much of what I do as a Coach and Trainer is to encourage my clients to take personal responsibility and action to maintain and/improve their health.

Let's use this month, and the Power of Pink, to take responsibility for our own health by learning about the symptoms and to make the time to get a mammogram - "For the Health of It".

The best protection is early detection.

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