• Cindi

Make it Happen!

Spring has sprung and that means I move my fitness program outdoors as often as possible. Sometimes I will go for a walk/jog along a path and stop at various intervals to add jumping jacks, squats, or pushups. Often I bring resistance bands, but many times I will rely on bodyweight movements.

Try out this workout - you can do it at home, indoors or out, and no equipment is required. Perform each exercise for 12 repetitions, then move quickly onto the next exercise. Complete all 10 exercises, 12 repetitions each, then you have completed one round. How many rounds can you do?

As always, modify as needed depending on your experience and fitness level. For example, if you cannot do pushups on the floor, try wall pushups. Place your hands on the wall about shoulder height and shoulder distance apart, step your feet back a bit, then bend your elbows bringing your forehead toward the wall. Pause for a moment then extend your arms to return to the starting position.

How did you do? You can challenge yourself by completing as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes (for example) and next time try to add another round or a few more exercises in that 20 minutes. Or you can do a certain number of rounds (say, 5) and time yourself to see how long it takes; then try to do those 5 rounds faster next time.

This is an efficient workout that burns calories, raises your heart rate, and gets your body moving on those days when you can't fit in your regular workout. You might even want to make this part of your regular conditioning program!


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