• Cindi

Laughter is the Best Medicine!

When was the last time you laughed? I mean, full-belly, tears-in-your-eyes, uncontrollable laughter?

Yesterday was April Fool's Day but, as it was also Easter, some of the April Fool's antics may not have been appropriate. Today is a new day!!

Kids love to laugh yet somehow, as we get older, we laugh less frequently. Yeah, maybe it's the bills, the schedules, the expectations we must face that reminds us we must take life more seriously. But, we are missing out!

Laughing definitely feels good - and it's good for you!

A good laugh releases endorphins, leaving you in a feel-good state for up to an hour after the laugh. Your stress hormones reduce, your muscles relax, your body is energized and your overall sense of well-being improves.

Laughter also relieves tension, reduces anxiety and can improve mood.

Sure, laughter does have some health benefits but it's also just FUN, and isn't that enough? Oh yeah, and it's legal. If it has been awhile since you had a good laugh, try some of these ideas:

* Watch a comedy

* Hang around funny people

* Play fun games

* Laugh at yourself

* People watch - now we all know that can be hilarious!

* Hang out with kids

* Act like a kid

* Add some appropriate fun to your work

If all else fails, there are actually "laughter therapy", "laughter yoga", and "laughter exercise" classes for you to try. Check them out on YouTube - just watching them will get you laughing!

Laugh out Loud - for the Health of It!

Better Health, Better Life, Better You!


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