100 Boredom Busters

I don't think I have ever been bored in my life - in fact, sometimes I wish for a boring day or weekend, but it just doesn't happen. I am blessed (and sometimes cursed) with an overactive mind. My mind is constantly churning up new ideas and new ways of doing things and is always quick to remind me how much I don't know. The world is huge, information is endless and every moment presents a new opportunity.

So many adults on social media are complaining about being bored. Boredom can actually be beneficial. Boredom can spark creativity, problem-solving skills and productivity. It gives your mind a time to rest, reset, and wander without the constant bombardment external stimulation. Enjoy and embrace your boredom!

But, if you are bored of being bored and need something to do, below is a list of 100 boredom busters.

  1. Write down your bucket list

  2. Write your memoir

  3. Write a poem or short story

  4. Write a letter to a friend or family member

  5. Write a song

  6. Learn a new language

  7. Learn astronomy

  8. Learn to cook

  9. Learn a new recipe

  10. Learn how to make your own spice blends

  11. Learn how to make salad dressing

  12. Learn how to juggle

  13. Learn some card tricks

  14. Learn a new solitaire game

  15. Learn how to plan an instrument

  16. Learn how to fix something (that leaky faucet)

  17. Read an autobiography

  18. Read the Declaration of Independence

  19. Read the Bible (at least you could get a good start!)

  20. Read the lyrics of your favorite songs

  21. Read a classic

  22. Read a comic book

  23. Complete one of your "someday" projects

  24. Organize your photos

  25. Organize the files on your computer

  26. Create a scrapbook (plenty of online versions available!)

  27. Listen to music

  28. Listen to the birds

  29. Listen to the rain

  30. Create a comfy space to relax

  31. Make your own cleaning supplies for pantry staples

  32. Make crafts from items that would normally get thrown away

  33. Update your picture frames with new photos

  34. Create a photo collage

  35. Create a vision board

  36. Take a virtual tour - lots of these are free online

  37. Take a class

  38. Learn how to really use your phone's camera for great photos

  39. Clean your screens - TV, computer, phone

  40. Clean your window screens

  41. Oil your wooden spoons

  42. Build a bird house

  43. Learn to identify 10 birds that are common in your area

  44. Learn to identify 10 trees that are common in your area

  45. Learn how to sew, knit, crochet

  46. Fix (or get rid of) any clothing items that need repair - sew on the buttons, fix the zipper, etc.

  47. Make a macrame plant hanger

  48. Repot your indoor plants

  49. Propagate new plants from your overgrown indoor plants

  50. Clean your purses & bags

  51. Give yourself a facial, foot bath, or hand massage

  52. Complete a puzzle

  53. Meditate

  54. Pray

  55. Create your own works of art using a photo editing app

  56. Go for a walk/jog

  57. Watch an inspiring Ted Talk

  58. Doodle or try zentangle

  59. Paint your nails - be creative!

  60. Do yoga

  61. Back up your laptop, phone, files

  62. Change all of your passwords

  63. Listen to a podcast

  64. Watch a documentary

  65. Research a charity you are interested in and find ways you can volunteer

  66. Write a positive review for your favorite businesses

  67. Unsubscribe from all unwanted emails

  68. Update your social media profiles

  69. Call a loved one (or video chat)

  70. Begin a healthy habit

  71. Make a video

  72. Detail your car (or at least give it a good cleaning)

  73. Take a bubble bath

  74. Listen to an audio book

  75. Set up a mini frisbee golf course in your yard

  76. Create a scavenger hunt for your yard - identify 5 flowers, 5 birds, 5 rocks, etc

  77. Learn to create new items out of old clothes

  78. Update your email signature

  79. Scan and upload old photos

  80. Exercise

  81. Map out your family tree

  82. Update your resume'

  83. Learn to make a great cocktail

  84. Take out a world map and learn to identify all countries

  85. Research every state in the U.S. and identify one thing you would love to do in each state

  86. Learn something about your local political leaders - not for digging up dirt, but to get a better understanding of their views

  87. Support local businesses when making online purchases

  88. Start an indoor herb garden

  89. Update your vocabulary by learning some new words

  90. Make a card or gift for someone

  91. Learn a new dance move

  92. Learn how to make a healthy treat

  93. Learn origami

  94. Research a topic that interests you

  95. Learn how to upcycle some of those CDs in your collection

  96. Go for a walk or bike ride

  97. Update your budget and create a special savings account for a splurge

  98. Interview an older relative or friend to find out more about their life

  99. Track the cycles of the moon

  100. Try a picture-a-day challenge and take a photo of something you take for granted every day. This will serve as a great reminder of what is really important.

There is so much to do, see, learn and experience. Try something new and beat your boredom. Or, choose to embrace it and see what happens! You just might find serenity!

Thanks for reading! I hope I have inspired you to try something new or to pick up a project or hobby that you have been planning to get to someday.

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Stay strong, Be well!



Cindi Stoffel

Health and Fitness Coach


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