Do you want to feel better, look better, and improve your energy?

Personal Training is just that - Personal.



I provide individualized, efficient, effective programming

based on your current fitness level, overall health, goals, and lifestyle so you can achieve real results.  

 Your program will be unique to you and will combine cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility exercise for a safe, goal-driven, progressive workout.



                                                                    We will begin your program with a fitness assessment and video

                                                              chat to discuss goals, expectations, and your plan of action. 


                                                             Together we will design a workout that fits into your life and

                                                             is easy to follow.  Through my app-based program, you will

                                                                    check in, receive full video instruction, and track your progress. 

                                               I will monitor your progress, make adjustments as

                                                                             necessary, provide feedback, and message you with reminders,            support and guidance.



Each month we will participate in a video chat so I can check your form, answer questions, offer progressions and     help you stay focused.  You can message me any time through the app with questions, concerns, or issues you may need help with.

We will also schedule a monthly training session that will include a new workout to add to your program.

No unused gym membership, special equipment, or extra time spent traveling to and from the gym.

Your program can be designed to do at home with little equipment; or

you can follow your workout at a health club right through the app.

You can schedule your workout for whatever time works best for you.

You will save time and money, yet still get a personalized program that has been developed to safely and efficiently move you toward your goal.  

Certainly there are many programs available, but are they focused on You? 


Mass-marketed programs often provide a good workout, but are not developed to meet your unique needs.  A program that fails to consider your health history, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, challenges, and internal motivation will fail to bring you long-term success.

Are you ready to Feel Better, Look Better, Live Better? 


Let's Get Started!


Benefits of Personal Training
* Individualized
* Ongoing support
* Accountability
* Motivation
* Safety
* Progression
* Efficiency
* Results-driven
* Goal Achievement



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