Nutrition Coaching offers you an individualized program based on your likes, lifestyle, and health objectives.


Are you confused by all of the popular "diet" advice? 

Have you been exercising but remain frustrated by the

lack of weight loss? 

Are you trying to improve your health through proper


Do you feel tired and lack the energy to truly enjoy life?



A proper and healthy diet not only helps in weight loss, but revitalizes and reinvigorates your body so you can live life to the fullest.  Balanced nutrition, appropriate nutrients, and clean, wholesome foods provide the fuel and energy you need to thrive each and every day.           

Nutrition Coaching removes the confusion and develops a healthy eating plan designed
to meet your needs.  A complete assessment provides an overview of your current
nutritional intake while considering your habits, lifestyle, likes and dislikes to determine
a healthy and realistic plan that you will be able to follow and enjoy.
All programs are offered online through my app and are completely individualized to meet your unique needs.
What are you waiting for? 
Contact me and Be Better Today!


Each month we will schedule a video chat or phone call to discuss your program, celebrate your successes, and make changes as necessary to move you toward your goal.


During the first session, we will review your current health, health history, goals, and current dietary habits.  I will collect information including biometric measures, a 3-day food journal, and a health history questionnaire.  The information I gather will be used to provide an overview of your nutrition program which we will discuss during the second session.  I will calculate your caloric requirements to meet your needs, determine the macronutrient breakdown that is appropriate for you, offer tips to implement healthy changes, and provide a sample menu plan that meets your caloric needs.    

You will track your food and send it to me through email or use myfitnesspal to log.  I will review your food journal each week to keep you motivated and moving toward your goal.  

Every week we will communicate to discuss and plan your menu for the following week.  Once we have agreed on and completed your menu, I will send you a grocery list and recipes as needed.  I will also offer tips for quick preparation so you always have healthy, delicious meals available.

Planning and preparing will save you time and money and keep you on the path to better health.  

Your menu will be based on your likes, your schedule, and your goals.  We will only include foods you enjoy (as long as they are healthy!) and the amount of cooking and prep time will be up to you.  Not a cook?  There are plenty of ways to still follow a healthy diet with minimal cooking.

The menu is completely developed for and with you.  I make sure you are meeting your calorie and nutrient needs, offer suggestions, and teach you how to make healthier choices, but we work together as a team to determine the plan that is right for you.

Yes, it takes work and dedication to meet your goals.  But aren't you worth it?


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