Healthy Aging, Invigorated Living

The Trick to Aging Gracefully is to Enjoy It!

Certainly aging brings along some things that aren't so much fun.  Loss of hearing, poor eyesight, creaking joints, and a bit of forgetfulness are some of the unpleasantries that tend to appear as we get older.  Wrinkled skin and gray hair may be inevitable reminders of getting older.  Aging brings with it some changes both mentally and physically.  But, it's not "all down hill from here".  In fact, the universal "rules" of aging effect everyone differently.  Genetics plays a part, but a small part.  The rest is up to you.

So, get back in that driver's seat and navigate your own journey through life.  Take the wheel, steer your course, and create your own route to a more fulfilling, engaging, and gratifying adventure.  Enjoy the ride!

I know, this all sounds great, but it's easier said than done.  Aren't most things?

Cliché, but true, "it all begins with the first step".  What's the first step?  Choosing to take charge of how you age, rather than sitting back and letting Mother Nature and Father Time determine your path. 


The first step is often the most difficult.  Once you decide to take that step, the rest become easier.  

My experience working with older adults has led me to develop the "Healthy Aging, Invigorated Living" program.  I have learned much through my experiences and have noticed that those who age well and enjoy living have many things in common.  They stay active, remain positive, and live fully each day.  Though there are many, many aspects that contribute to their wellness and success, I have found that 8 primary factors are important determinants of a life well lived.  

Through my “Healthy Aging, Invigorated Living” program, I offer tips, solutions, and motivation to older adults, focusing on improving their quality of life.  My goal is to give the tools and confidence to be well, feel well, and live well.  This 8-session program covers topics important to senior wellness, including:




                                                                  Stress Management

                                                                  Personal Safety

                                                                  Chronic Disease Management

                                                                  Fall Prevention

                                                                  Brain Health

                                                                  Staying Connected

For Individuals:

The program will cover all of the above, but will be tailored to fit your needs.  After a thorough assessment, we will determine what areas need the most attention and create a plan unique to your goals.  We will discuss ways to implement the plan and establish a  program that is simple to follow and can be easily adapted to fit your lifestyle. 


A "Falls Risk Home Assessment" will be conducted to evaluate any changes that could be completed to improve your safety at home. 

I offer a free no-cost, no-obligation consultation to explain

the program and answer any questions.  

Take that first step and contact me today!

Let's Get Started!

For Groups:

Bring this program to your community to enrich the lives of those you serve!  


Participants gain confidence, develop a sense of community, and learn to incorporate healthier choices into their daily lives.  Many older adults have had to face some major life changes, and transitioning through these changes can be difficult.  Because of these difficulties, older adults tend to resist more change and find comfort in doing things they know.  This program emphasizes the strengths of each individual and offers ways to improve these strengths, rather than challenging them to make even more changes. Instead of making seemingly difficult changes, participants are encouraged to build on their own knowledge and positive actions and to celebrate their accomplishments.  


Each class includes a short presentation, group discussion, and plenty of participant interaction for sharing ideas and asking questions.  While my main goal is to provide education, I have found participants respond best when the class is fun, interactive, and entertaining so I have structured the program to be enjoyable and flexible to meet the needs of those in attendance.

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