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It's Not How you Start,

But How you Finish!

Challenge Yourself to Finish Strong!


Raise a glass to 2019 to celebrate better health, increased fitness, and improved overall wellness.

Join the #FinishStrong Challenge!

The Finish Strong Challenge is as an easy-to-follow fitness and nutrition program designed to help you ring in the New Year as a better, healthier You!

This app-based program offers you the benefits of a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, while giving you the flexibility to complete your workouts anywhere and at any time.  Whether at home, at work, or at the gym, you can follow the workout and track your results right from your smart phone.  

Your nutrition plan will also be delivered through the app, so you will always know what meals to prep, what snacks to pack, and what groceries to buy.  Meal plans can be customized to fit your eating patterns - gluten-free, keto, vegetarian, no problem.

It's time to celebrate!  I love the holidays and have a hard time choosing my favorite.  Christmas brings so many wonderful celebrations as well as joyful anticipation (for Santa Clause, of course), beautiful music, delicious cookies and baked goods, and twinkling lights and colorful ornaments that brighten up a dreary December.  

Even with all of the joy and magic of Christmas, I am not one to overlook Thanksgiving.  I so enjoy the peacefulness, the traditions, and the delicious meal shared among family and friends.  

Too often we get caught up on the hustle and bustle of the holidays and forget about our own health.  We put off our workout, grab a quick (but usually unhealthy) snack while we run from one store to the next, fail to keep our bodies properly hydrated, and give up sleep to shop, bake, wrap, and celebrate.

Suddenly the holidays are over, the decorations put away and we are back to our routine.  But, we are exhausted!  We are depleted and we are ready to bury ourselves under a cozy blanket until the winter passes.

Wouldn't it be great to start 2019 Strong and Energized rather than having to start over?

I get it. 


You are busy. 


You have no time to think about healthy meals. 


You can barely squeeze in a couple of workouts each week. 


And now is a tough time to start something new!

That is exactly why this program is right for you!

I have kept it quick and simple and have taken out all of the guess work for you!

I guide and support you through messages, reminders, and video instruction.  I even provide you with an easy to follow meal plan that includes a grocery list, simple prep tips and simple recipes that are quick, healthy, and delicious.

I monitor your progress, help you make adjustments as necessary, provide that often-needed motivation, and assist and guide you around any obstacles that might throw you off track.

What is included?

*An individualized program that guides you step-by-step toward your goal

*Quick and efficient 30-minute workouts with full video instruction

*Weekly meal planning based on your caloric needs

*A personalized dashboard where you can track your progress

*Weekly contact to answer questions, discuss difficulties and make changes as necessary

*Unlimited support to keep you motivated

I am certainly not perfect, but each day I work on being a bit better than the last.  This might include being more patient, more organized, or going a bit further on my run.  

And, like most people, there are plenty of improvements I can make to my overall health and fitness.  Sometimes I need to focus on my fitness, other times it might be better managing stress.  I try to listen to my body and do what it needs. Of course, this changes over the course of time, but I find consistency and scheduled progression are keys to maintaining and improving my health. I always have a plan, I focus on my goal, and I take the actions necessary to get where I want to be.  

Yes, I slip up.  I overindulge, miss a workout, and often get so caught up in taking care of my never-ending "to do list" that I forget to take care of myself.  It happens to all of us!

The holiday season is wonderful, but it can also be a time of stress, excess, and overindulgence!

The excitement of the holiday season is easy to get caught up in and why not?  It only comes once a year.  

Certainly we should all celebrate but that doesn't mean we have to begin a New Year with a few added pounds and an overwhelming need to hibernate!

Let me guide you through the season so you can greet 2019 refreshed, energized, and ready to move forward.

Wouldn't it be great to start the new year strong, rather than starting over?

Challenge yourself to Finish 2018 Strong!

This Program is NOT right for Everyone!

This program ONLY works if YOU are truly committed to making it happen.
I have kept it simple and easy to follow and all of the workouts can be completed in 30 minutes.  You can do the workouts at home or at the health club.  
But, YOU must do it! 
I will give you everything you need to succeed. 
In return, I ask you to give me your commitment to stick with it.
I know there will be days when you just cannot squeeze in one more thing. 
I have designed this program to include some flexibility in scheduling to accommodate your busy schedule. 

Finish Strong

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and giving.  We plan gatherings, attend special events, and fill our days with holiday cheer.  The holiday spirit consumes and energizes us.  For many, it truly is "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!"

But when the holidays end and a New Year begins, we are left feeling bloated, stressed-out, and completely spent.  The holiday season has come and gone in a blur and we are ready to crash.

Does that sound familiar?

We know it's coming, but we just can't help getting caught up in the holiday cheer.  So, let's celebrate and let's Finish Strong!

Do you have difficulties finding time to workout?

Do you hope to avoid holiday weight gain, but just can't say no to the abundant treats?

Does the drive to the health club take up too much of your time?

Does the busy schedule leave you relying on mall-food and take-out?

Are you ready to do things differently, but not sure where to start?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, challenge yourself to Finish Strong!

Upon purchase, I will send you a link to download the app.  Once you have completed your profile, complete the forms included; a health history, waiver, training agreement, and goal worksheet.

When the forms are completed, I will add your workout and meal plan to your file.  You will be able to view, follow, and check in right through your app.  

You will check in for each session and track your workout, which allows me to monitor your actions and progress.  You can also message me right through the app if you have questions, concerns, or need some extra support.  

Full money-back guarantee!

I will do everything within my power to create a program to suit your needs.  My goal is to help you succeed. However, if you find the program is just not what you are looking for, I will refund your full purchase price if you cancel within 7 days of the start of the program. 


You have nothing to lose (except maybe a few pounds?) and much to gain with no risk of being stuck in a long-term contract or a program that is not right for you.

Don't wait for a New Year

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?

The price of this end-of-the-year special is $99.00 and includes all programming through Dec. 31, 2018. 

Do I need any special equipment?

No.  All workouts are designed to require no equipment,  (so you can do them anywhere) but you are free to use weights, etc. if you have them.  

Do I need to buy supplements or special foods?

No.  The goal of the program is to add nutrient-dense real foods to your menu while reducing your reliance on processed and packaged foods.  If you feel you need a vitamin & mineral supplement, talk to your doctor.  

Can a friend/family member follow my plan?

Of course!  But remember, the plan you receive will be based on your goals.  Another person may not experience the same benefits due to differing health issues, fitness levels, goals, and levels of commitment.  Also, the other person will not receive the benefit of tracking their program and will not be provided with feedback, guidance, and support from me.

Can I try a different program?

Certainly, there are many options available.  Upon purchase of any program, you will always receive a 10% discount on any other program you purchase.  If you are unsure which program is right for you, contact me and we can discuss your options.  Or click to discover more app-based programs I offer.

More questions?  Contact me

Real Results, Money Back Guarantee
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