I am always happy to help you out if you have a question or concern - feel free to

contact me at any time.  I certainly do not have all the answers, but am more than willing to guide you in the right direction.  

I am interested in your programs, but am not sure which is right for me:

No program is right for everyone, which is why I individualize all of my programs to meet my clients' needs.  If you are interested, but not sure where to start, schedule a consultation and we can discuss  your options.  

I am interested in your programs, but cannot afford them at this time:

While I often remind people of the cost of poor health, I get it- sometimes there is just not a lot of room in the budget for any added expense.  The programs listed on this site are just a sampling of what I offer.  More affordable options include online or phone sessions, shorter sessions, or partnering with a friend or family member and enjoying a partner discount.  Don't let cost prevent you from becoming a Healthier You!  Together we can customize a program that is affordable, efficient, and unique to your needs.  

What's the best way to get more information:

Schedule a consultation - it's free!  We will discuss your goals, health history, and obstacles and design a program that is right for you.

I am interested in more ideas about fitness, nutrition, and healthier living.  Do you offer any tips, tricks, and education:

I certainly do!  Check out my social media sites and my blog.  I am constantly adding more information to each, so check back frequently!


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