Do you want to feel better, look better, and improve your energy?

Personal Training is just that - Personal.

I provide individualized, efficient, effective programming based on your current fitness level, overall health, goals, and lifestyle so you can achieve real results.  

Your program will be unique to you and will combine cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility exercise for a safe, goal-oriented, progressive workout.

We will begin your program with a fitness assessment and video chat to discuss goals, expectations, and your plan of action.  Through my app-based program, you will check in, receive full video instruction, and track your progress.  I will monitor your progress, make adjustments as necessary, provide feedback, and message you with reminders, support and guidance.

Each month we will participate in a video chat so I can check your form, answer questions, and help you stay focused.  You can message me any time through the app with questions, concerns, or issues you may need help with.

Are you ready to Feel Better, Look Better, Live Better?  Let's Get Started!


Whether you are new to exercise or looking for a more challenging workout, I will design a program to help you meet your goals.  Your current health, fitness level, and goals will be used to develop a program that is appropriate for your individual needs.  Following a safe, efficient, and effective program will empower you to reach your desired fitness level and enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle. Your success will be driven with continued support, motivation, and accountability. 
$65.00 per month,
Discount for multiple months 


Grab a friend, your spouse, or significant other to join you on your journey to a healthier way of life.  Both participants must be pre-qualified and both will receive an individualized program based on their unique goals, health assessments, and health history.  The second person pays only 60% of the monthly fee - you can split the total to enjoy significant savings while gaining the support and motivation of a partner.   


Discount for multiple months



Sometimes you just need a little added motivation to stay on track. This is a great option for the individual who has chosen to live a healthy lifestyle but needs some additional encouragement and education.  You will receive a workout to follow for 4 weeks and will track your workout through my app.  I will monitor your progress and check in throughout the week to answer questions and keep you focused on your goal.




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