Nutrition Coaching offers you an individualized program based on your likes, lifestyle, and health objectives.


Are you confused by all of the popular "diet" advice? 

Have you been exercising but remain frustrated by the lack of weight loss? 

Are you trying to improve your health through proper nutrition?               

Nutrition Coaching removes the confusion and develops a healthy eating plan designed
to meet your needs.  A complete assessment provides an overview of your current
nutritional intake while considering your habits, lifestyle, likes and dislikes to determine
a healthy and realistic plan that you will be able to follow and enjoy.
All programs are available in-person  (in limited areas) and online through my app.
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Assessment and Analysis
Cinergy Solutions

During the first session, we will review your current health, health history, goals, and current dietary habits.  I will collect information including biometric measures, a 3-day food journal, and a health history questionnaire.  The information I gather will be used to provide an overview of your nutrition program which we will discuss during the second session.  I will calculate your caloric requirements to meet your needs, determine the macronutrient breakdown that is appropriate for you, offer tips to implement healthy changes, and provide a sample menu plan that meets your caloric needs.    

2-session program - $100.00

This 12-week weight loss program combines proper nutrition and an effective exercise program designed to help you meet your unique goal.  You will receive a complete Nutrition Assessment and Analysis, 12 weeks of menu planning, and 12 weeks of fitness programming.  Everything from label reading and grocery shopping to exercising and recovery will be covered during the 24 sessions we spend together. We will meet each week to review your progress, reassess your goals, and determine any changes that need to be made to your eating program.  A weekly personal training session will keep your workouts on track, boost your metabolism, and provide the motivation you need to perform your best.  

Program fee - $1,000.00   


Coaching is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their diet, whether or not weight loss is a goal.  If your objective is to get healthier, reduce the amount of fast food and/or processed food you eat, reduce your risk of chronic disease, or finally develop a nutritious eating plan, Nutrition Coaching is right for you.

I will teach you how to make healthy choices, how to plan and prepare delicious meals, how to stay on track during the holidays and special events, and how to improve your overall health by choosing nutrient-dense foods.  

Through my app-based program you will get complete meal plans, grocery lists, and calorie tracking so you can have all of the tools with you anywhere you go!

Fee:  $65.00 per month










Have you been following a healthy eating plan, but still have some questions?  Have you hit a plateau and need to make some adjustments to your current diet?  Are you confused by high-carb, low-fat and high-protein, low-carb diets and just want to figure out what works best for you?  


A consultation can answer your questions allowing you to incorporate proper nutrition into your lifestyle or fine-tune your existing plan so you can achieve your goals.  A consultation can be scheduled at any time, but is especially beneficial 2-4 weeks after your Assessment and Analysis to review and answer any questions and concerns that you may have while trying to implement some changes. 

Fee:  $30.00 (approximately 30 minutes)


Are you looking for something specific?  Choose from a wide variety of programs such as a grocery store tour, in-home cooking demonstration, a Plan and Prep Class, or even a "Pantry Raid".


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