Female  Age: 53  Height: 5'4"  Weight: 157

Activity Level:  Sedentary

Health History - High blood pressure, undiagnosed knee pain

Exercise History - None recently; lifted weights 20+ years ago

Body Fat % - 29      Goal - 24%

Body fat lbs - 45.53   Lean Body Weight lbs - 111.47

Goal Body fat lbs - 37.68

Goal Weight lbs - 150

Time Line - 10 weeks

Estimated Daily Caloric Needs - 1839 (for weight maintenance)

BMI - 26.9

Client Profile



Plan Weeks 1-4

Blood Pressure

Resting Heart Rate

2-Minute Step Test

1 Mile Walk

Postural Assessment

Range of Motion



Follow a 1600-calorie daily meal plan.

Track all foods using meal tracker app.

Limit "junk" food to less than 200 calories per day.

Increase daily vegetable servings to 6 servings per day

Pack daily lunches for work.


Begin a walking program - 4 days/week for 30 minutes at moderate intensity.

Follow strength-training program 2 days/week.


Daily check-in.

1 60-minute training session; in person or online

Determine weekly focus.

Weekly weigh-in.

Weekly Blood Pressure Check.

Weekly Contact through messaging.

2 Video Chats; end of Weeks 1 and 3.

What you Get Each Week:
Meal plan with recipes, grocery list and tips to simplify prepping.

Please note:  I use a variety of sources for meal-planning; the above are just examples of what you will get.  Your meal plan will be customized to fit your tastes, lifestyle, goals and caloric needs. 

An efficient, easy-to-follow, individualized workout designed to offer real results.  Your workout will include full video instruction and can be followed along through my app-based program or delivered to you through email.  
Weekly monitoring and feedback from me as well as easy access through messaging so I can quickly answer your questions.
Ongoing support and guidance to help you past obstacles and challenges, maintain your motivation, and stay focused on your goal.
Tips, recipes, and fun, new workouts available only to clients.
All Programming can be delivered through my app-based program or through email and Skype.  In-person training sessions available only in certain areas.

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