Your Path to a Better, Healthier You!

Why Cinergy Solutions?

You are ready to improve your health and your life but the whole process seems overwhelming. 

You want to feel better, regain some of the energy you once had, and . . .

Mostly, you just want to slow the aging process and take control of . . . and you realize the time to do it is NOW.


Maybe you have tried other programs, or maybe this is the first time you have seriously considered taking care of yourself, but you know that the things that may have worked for you in your 20s are not working for you today. 

The benefits of a Personal Trainer and 

Nutrition Coach offered right through your phone.  

Personalized programming, progress tracking, and results-based workouts that you can do in your home or at the gym.

Video instruction, continual support, and weekly contact provide the education, guidance, and motivation to keep you on track.  

This comprehensive program brings exercise, nutrition, and healthy habits together to

lead and support you in your journey to develop a healthier lifestyle.  


We will work together, step by step, to create a simple plan that can be easily integrated i

nto your daily life.  


After determining your caloric and nutrient needs, we will create a meal plan that

incorporates real, nutrient-dense foods.  The meal plan will include easy delicious

recipes, a grocery list, and a simple step-by-step prep guide.  This will provide you with

all of the information you need to create healthy meals to grab-and-go or to quickly bring

together after a long day.  You will save time and money, while fueling your body with the nutrients it needs for optimum function.

An exercise program goes hand-in-hand with good nutrition and we will design a program based on your likes, your time, and your goals.  Each exercise will come with full video instruction.  No equipment is required, but if you have it, we will use it!

As we implement healthier eating and a consistent exercise program, we will explore other ways you can improve your overall way of living.  Stress is a major factor in the lives of many, and stress management might be one thing we work on together.  Lack of time, fatigue, and outside obligations are challenges often faced in our daily lives.   Through conversation, brain-storming, and objective inquiry, I will help you discover ways to face and overcome those obstacles.

Daily check-ins, weekly reviews, and video chats will keep you focused and moving forward.


Trying to figure this all out on your own can be overwhelming, time consuming, and expensive.  You don't have to do it alone! 

Contact me for more information or click here to learn more. 


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