Choose your favorite program.  Discount applied when purchasing multiple programs.

In-Home Cooking Demo

You choose some of your favorite ingredients and I will show you how to create quick, delicious meals and snacks to incorporate into your healthy eating plan.  


We will work together to prepare 5 meals/snacks for you to enjoy.  You will get the recipes, as well as tips and tricks to create your own.  


2 hours - $75.00 

Pantry Raid

What's in your pantry.  Let's take a look

and discover ways to use what you have as well as create a list of things to add to help you create healthy, flavorful dishes.  

60 minutes - $40.00

Make it a Party, a Girl's Night Out, or Family Time!

Up to 4 people can participate in the above programs.  A nominal fee will be added for additional participants.  

Plan & Prep

During this interactive program, I will teach you how to plan a week's worth of meals and snacks and show you how to quickly prepare each to have ready for the week. 

Learning how to quickly and efficiently plan and prep your meals will save you money and time and allow you to stick to your healthy meal plan even on the days you are short on time.  

2 hours - $75.00

Grocery Store Tour

Are you overwhelmed trying to figure out what is healthy and what is not. Confused by the food labels stating "whole grain", "100% whole grain", "sugar free", "no sugar added", etc?  Let's take a tour of the grocery store and I can teach you how to make healthier choices that fit into any budget.  Not only will you save money, you will also save time as you learn to quickly identify the healthiest value.  

60 minutes - $40.00

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